The UK has legislation aimed to protect our environment from the potentially harmful effects of waste by minimising, reusing and recycling electrical waste. Separate collection of electrical products allows them to be recycled and avoids hazardous materials from going into landfill.   When your electrical product reaches the end of it’s useful life, please help to look after our environment by arranging for it’s recycling.

  • A supplier of replacement product may offer in store take-back when you purchase a replacement, or
  • Your local civic amenity site will accept the old product without charge and arrange for its safe disposal. For information on your nearest site and for further advice on recycling,

Most household electrical products should be returned for recycling. Later products and its packaging will carry a crossed-out wheeled bin symbol to identify that it should be recycled at the end of its life.

Clothing can be recycled at a clothing bank or most charity shops will take good quality used clothing. Baby Banks are often a good donation point.  We are happy for you to return any clothing to us which we will then pass on to relevant organisations.

We believe that reusing our cardboard boxes is the best way to lessen the environmental impact.  Where we send out individual clothing orders to customers we use a recycled plastic bag which are lightweight and strong, whilst this is not perfect it does offer the best solution at the present time. We will endeavour to find a more sustainable product for these as these come the market.